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Our favourite Danish outdoor furniture brand Cane-Line sure have been busy! Dropping a bevvy of fresh designs in collaboration with leading Danish designers who all share deep roots in the Danish design tradition built on craftsmanship, quality and functionality. 


CL_Moments sofa (1)

Designed by Danish design duo Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen. Moments is setting new standards for multi-flexible design with its elegant, minimalist Scandinavian design. It is produced with Cane-line Soft Rope and Softtouch QuickDry cushions. The Cane-line QuickDry system is a special technique for your comfort – after approx. one hour rain cushions are dry again.


CL_Urban sofa (1)1

Designed by ByKato. Indoor furniture is moving outdoor! Urban 3 Seater Sofa is a unique, hybrid piece. Featuring a strong aluminium frame and Sunbrella Natté Softtouch QuickDry cushions. The Cane-line QuickDry system is a special technique for your comfort – after approximately one hour after rain cushions are dry again.


CL_Encore (5)

Designed by Foersum & Hiort Lorenzen. Encore Lounge Chair is modern, classical design in elegant weave that fits in every outdoor space. It is always modern and timeless. It is produced with Cane-line Weave and Softtouch QuickDry cushions. The Cane-line QuickDry system is a special technique for your comfort – after approximately one hour after rain cushions are dry again.


CL_Less chair (4)

CL_Less chair (24)

The Less chair marks a new direction in Cane-line’s product development. With solid cast aluminium seat and back sections, the chair is designed with a unique sense of detail. The Less chair is designed and development by Cane-line’s design team, Hee Welling and Gudmundur Ludvik. The Less chair has a very simple and minimalist frame construction that is cast in aluminium and refined down to the smallest detail.

The Less chair is stackable, and therefore suited for most use cases. Both as part of a dining group, a meeting room environment or as an extra stylish chair that can be fetched in for any purpose – especially when space is an issue. The less chair is durable as well as  stable and strong, and optimal for both outdoor and indoor use due to the chair having been coated with a special powder treatment that is even suitable under most weather conditions. The comfortability is optimised with integrated cushions with inbuilt Quick-Dry foam, both in the seat and back cushion sections of the chair. A pleasurable minimalist designer chair, that fits with many different types of tables, whether teak or aluminium, and fits in to most use case scenarios.



Lean is a modern and elegant chair in stringent, modern design with high comfort. It is designed by design duo Welling/Ludvik, known for pure aesthetic and letting each detail serve a functional purpose. Lean is manufactured in Cane-line Weave and is stackable.




Johannes Foersom and Peter Hiort-Lorenzen (MDD) are two of Scandinavia´s most renowned and successful furniture designers. Their goal is to create long-lasting value, and to stimulate a healthy development for people and their surroundings. They strive towards the highest quality in cooperation, process and product, and believe that knowledge and innovation are fundamental. Their impressive use of flexibility makes their furniture appear as small architectonic wonders.



The design duo Welling/Ludvik are contributing to the renewal of environmentally friendly design centered around personal experience. They are defined by a pure aesthetic, stripping away excess and letting each detail serve a functional purpose. They aim to achieve the best possible solution as seen from a number of perspectives. Comfort, materials, construction, pricing and environment are all defining factors in their approach to design.



ByKATO, Karl Rüdiger Rossell and Tonny Glismand, are dedicated to creating contemporary, highly usable products for everyday living. They aim to bridge the gap between commercial, industrial design and high-quality craftsmanship by using honest and justifiable materials and paying careful attention to even the most minute detail. Their mantra is to design products, which they would like to have so they always take starting point in their own needs. In this way it all comes from the heart and the required enthusiasm is always at present.

All new releases are now available for order through designFARM.

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