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designFARM cater to a wide range of industries, each requiring a tailored solution to suit their specific needs. Our experienced team can assist you with developing a customised strategy in line with the latest research, innovations and product developments available worldwide.

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Increasing student engagement is the single most important objective when it comes to the design of learning spaces in educational institutions. The recent profound shift has seen teaching move from a passive “chalk n’ talk” to more active modes of learning. With the latest research in this area we can now offer leading, innovative educational products proven to support these more active modes of learning – with excellent results on student engagement levels.

designFARM have worked closely with many designers and educational institutions across Western Australia. Some of these projects include; the University of Western Australia, Curtin University of Technology, Murdoch University, Penhros College and All Saints College to name a few.

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designFARM can assist with the latest product innovations available to the healthcare industry, in particular, waiting places, nursing stations as well as highly-customisable, ergonomic products to suit patients with specific needs.

Waiting places have come into focus more recently as places that have generally been poorly designed for the needs of the people who use them (often sighting isolation, disconnection, poor comfort and low productivity). Greater comfort, privacy and connection have been indicated through research as the biggest objectives in the waiting rooms of today. designFARM are able to offer a range of solutions to issues such as these and more with products that provide the right blend of solutions.

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designFARM have worked with many government sectors including the Department of Fisheries, Parliament House, Disability Services Commission, District court and many more. designFARM are one of four authorised suppliers in Western Australia under the CUA (contract under agreement) for workstations. As well as this designFARM are contracted to supply any loose furniture for Government fit-outs.

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With a concerted move away from traditional office structure towards “new ways of working”, designFARM are at the forefront of this movement with brands that produce ground-breaking, innovative product developments in the area. A wealth of workplace research has identified a collaborative open-plan approach is quickly becoming the dominant mode of working. However, delving deeper we have discovered that areas supporting privacy, focus as well as places for informal meetings are just as essential to gain competitive advantage in the current economic climate.

Our experienced team have worked closely with the corporate sector over many years to produce some of the most outstanding commercial projects in Western Australia. Some of these include BHP, Chevron, Conoco Philips and King & Wood Mallesons.

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With Australia’s climate being some of the harshest in the world, outdoor furniture must have a high-degree of durability, UV stability and not to mention low-maintenance. designFARM work closely with Tait to provide high-quality exterior ranges. designFARM have completed a number of successful outdoor projects for clients including BHP, Curtin University of Technology and Cottesloe Beach Club.

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Workplace surveys

Working closely with your A & D department , designFARM and leading, global furniture provider Steelcase offer a suite of workplace surveys. The surveys are based on our research and knowledge of the workplace and are easy to use and help gain deeper insights about how people really work. The goal is to help design professionals and clients create harder working spaces— whether you need to collaborate, concentrate or both.

Types of Surveys:

Workplace satisfaction

Identifies the gaps between what employees feel is important in the workplace and what they actually have.

This survey looks at who people interact with, what activities are being done and where the interaction happens.

Helps organizations understand how mobile their employees are and how that level of mobility can impact their workspace.

Needs Assessment
This survey helps uncover information about specific needs people have in the work place when they work alone or in groups.

Private Office
Designed specifically for those who reside in private offices, this survey identifies what users say is important and their agreement level of their current environment.

A report is then developed based on the findings which proposes a tailored solution specific to the needs of the business. The surveys are beneficial as they offer an easy way of gathering information, whether it is by the individual or department. Employees are also found to have a greater sense of engagement due to their involvement in efforts to change the workplace.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like more information regarding this service.

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