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designFARM are proud to house the best in modern design from global brands including Artek, Fredericia, Great Dane, Anglepoise, Fredericia, Ondaretta, Rubn, Treku, ClassiCon, Max Design, True, Verpan and Gubi, including iconic designs that have been in production since the mid 20th Century. designFARM are the official authorized dealers in Western Australia for Steelcase, the leading researcher and manufacturer of furniture for offices, hospitals, and classrooms. Alongside the world’s best, designFARM represent and support a range of home-grown local Australian design including Dowel Jones, Armadillo & Co, Coco Flip,  Life Space Journey,Furnished Forever, Lumil and Tait.

    armadillo   artek   asplund    classicon  coaless    cocoflip   devorm dk3dowel jones           greatdane   gubi   jl moller   le klint   lifespacejourney       lumil    max logo   nuura logooffect    ondaretta    orangebox  RBM logorubn  1     steelcase    string    tait    treku     trizo21   turnstone    Verpanzero   


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