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There’s never been a more pertinent time to address the design and planning of our public realms. These challenges are manifesting in growing issues around the way we live and work – including, poor social connection, loneliness, low employee engagement, impaired physical and mental wellbeing, inhibited creativity, a disconnection with nature as well as negative community or workplace sentiment.




With almost 70% of the world’s population living in cities by 2030, the thoughtful design and planning of our public realms will be vital as rapid urbanisation takes hold. Scape responds to these challenges with a fluid system designed to foster our relationship with the natural environment, encourage social interaction, provide a place for inspired working, support our need to seek respite and enhance the wellbeing of our communities and workplaces.


Forming a family of playful and flexible outdoor elements, Scape supports moments of the everyday; socialising, relaxing, working, collaborating, meeting, lounging, eating, waiting, commuting – or simply disconnecting from technology and coalescing with nature. Like emerging rock masses, smoothed, rounded and worn through aeons of weathering, Scape inspires an enriched connection with our natural world.


“I have fond memories as a kid – playing on the elephant-like boulders in the crystalline blue and powdery white sandy coves of Western Australia’s south coast. Scape reminds me of this idea… the wonder of these rock masses and how they’ve been worn and weathered by waves endlessly washing over them.”  – ADAM GOODRUM, DESIGNER





Scape’s modules are engineered with robust and lightweight glass reinforced concrete (GRC). The beneficial properties of GRC allows less material to be used than that of traditional concrete – while offering a considerably stronger and more durable product. Scape’s modules are produced via the preferred GRC manufacturing method, whereby a scientifically formulated composition of premium quality glass fibre and cement are sprayed into a mould. The GRC is then cured in a humid environment, adding increased durability to the finished product.




The GRC surface presents with a lovely tactility – smooth with a ‘stone-like’ texture, and is available in either grey or white. The surface may be left in its natural state or finished with protective sealants on request. Scape is manufactured to exacting International standards.





Offering adaptability as to how it’s used, where it’s used and its aesthetic, Scape breathes new life into the way we interact with public spaces and common areas. En masse, the system takes on distinct needs-supporting ecosystems. Various scenarios and outcomes may be achieved by customising the configuration of the modules, these scenarios may then be fine-tuned with the addition or subtraction of componentry such as tables, backrests, canopies, planters and side tables. Scape’s canopy and side table feature smooth, 360° swivel functionality, allowing users to adjust them to their preference. Scape may provide a nurturing and rejuvenating environment for people to disconnect and de-stress or create a bustling social hub in a workplace café.


“Scape intuitively entices people into its domain – whether that’s jumping on the laptop in some sunshine, taking the kids to the park, or just enjoying a breather in some wide-open space.”  – GORDON TAIT, FOUNDING DIRECTOR OF TAIT




“Drawing on Scape’s affinity to various naturescapes, the colour palette derives references from mother nature’s very basic elements – water, earth and vegetation. We have selected Teal Sea, Burgundy Clay and Banksia Leaf to really bring the collection to life“.  – SUSAN TAIT, CREATIVE DIRECTOR


Scape may adapt to various aesthetics and achieve various functions depending on your project objectives. Scape is suited to a variety of applications across the public realm, corporate, education, hospitality, health, multi-residential and residential. Creating a minimalist, architectural feel may be achieved by simply using the modules in their most pure form – or the collection may take on a warmer, more personified feel with the application of a timber seat, coloured componentry or planting.


Scape is available in Western Australia through our Perth showroom. Get in touch with us today for more information.


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